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Practice Philosophy & Description of Services

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

Practice Philosophy

Mausbach Mobile Veterinary Care, LLC (MMVC) has a unique and innovative approach to veterinary medical care and services.

MMVC’s business model minimizes mark-up to pet parents on routine wellness services (i.e.: vaccinations, Heartworm (HW) & FeLV/FIV testing, intestinal parasite evaluation, and a basic wellness bloodwork*). Upon request, vaccination, blood-testing & other wellness services are available without a veterinary examination.

Mausbach Mobile Veterinary Care aims to curtail costs of pet medications by utilizing both outside pharmacy prescriptions (human medications used for pets) as well as optimizing online pharmacy alternatives for non-urgent medications which are conveniently delivered to the pet parent’s home. A small prescription service fee is added to the invoice for outside prescription requests.

Most medications administered or dispensed in-house have a nominal fee + only a 25% mark-up of my medication cost(s). This model is vastly different than the veterinary industry standard charging a dispense fee along with at least a 200-250%+ mark-up medication cost.

What MMVC desires the veterinary community and pet parents alike to appreciate and value is the veterinary-specific intellectual knowledge, expertise, and advice tailored specifically to both the needs of your beloved furry friend and you as the pet parent.

Professional Veterinary Services

MMVC realizes what matters for most pet parents is relationships. While the human-animal bond may be appreciated as most important, the bond between pet parent and the veterinary professional must also be recognized and appreciated, as that bond is the indirect catalyst for trust & loyalty. For this reason, it is the veterinary professional’s knowledge, expertise, experience and time valued most within MMVC’s business model.

Most professional service fees are charged at an hourly billing rate rounded in 1/10th increments. While exam & consultation visits have pre-determined hourly rate, it is important to note that charge reflects a specified amount of time only. Visits extending over the specified time, may be subject to additional professional service fees.

Professional service fees may include but are not limited to phone, email, & text communications, virtual (Telehealth including: telemedicine/teleadvice/teletriage) visits & consultations, prescription (refill) requests & approvals, information assembly & research – including previous medical record collection or review, symptom/disease investigation, outside specialist consultation, and treatment, therapy, or medication adjustments.

Professional services (including exam & consultations) performed outside normal business hours (Monday-Friday 9am-3pm & Saturday 10am-2pm) may be subject to a 25-50% increase in the base professional service hourly rate(s).

I look forward to building a meaningful relationship with you & your pet as well as keeping your furry friend(s) happy & healthy for years to come!


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